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Nicole M Beebe

Superstar Consultant


My Story

I started selling Scentsy 11 years ago, my love for the products after my first purchase was all I needed to take the plunge and sign up. I loved that there was no flame and at the time I had 3 small children in my home and candles always made me nervous that they would knock one over or get burned by them. I love that with the Scentsy wax you dont have those worries and if they touch the wax the most they will have is waxy fingers NOT BURNS!!!!
I also loved the variety of fragrances and warmers we offer, I could test different scents out, mix them together the options are endless. I have made many different scent mixes with bars over the years some wonderful some I ave to ask myself what was I thinking.
Since starting Scentsy I have found a sense of security knowing they are safe around my kids and pets. BUT I have also formed some amazing friendships with consultants I have never met in real life but hope one day to get that chance. For me Scentsy is more then a paycheck and some great smelling wax, its sisterhood, friendships and getting to share a product that I truly love.

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